Architecture style

Khum Chao Burirat Mahain Building

It is an example of the architecture work where local and western style are perfectly combined. The building is a two storey house with hip and gable roof and balcony encircled. Chao Burirat shows the western influence on native architecture in early Chiang Mai times, which portrayed through the concrete and lumber style of the building.
Moreover, the building technique – connecting the wood together- is also influenced from the change of the economic system and society of Chiang Mai during the late region of King Rama V. The Khum was a two storey house, built with half concrete, and half wood. The stairs are outside the house. The first floor was constructed by thick brick walls with a round arch arcade. The second floor also has an arcade, however, was built of teak with hip and gable roof using clay roof-tile. At present, the building is still in good condition, implying the innovative durable construction of ancient times.

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